About Us – Front Room

About Us

Welcome to Front Room!  We've got you covered.

I like to say we're "Style Made for the Top". Front Room is for busty professional women who prayed for tops to fit their torso and their ample assets (instead of either/or).

I've designed modern classics that will work as hard as you do. These pieces let you stand tall in the boardroom next to your male peers in their custom, perfectly-fit suits.

We are made in Canada with a focus on classic, quality fabrics (gorgeous silk from Korea, buttery jersey from Italy) chosen to ensure they last from season to season (and avoid side-boob pilling).  

Why I left my well paying job to do a manufacturing start up

As a Chartered Financial Analyst working on Bay Street/Wall Street, I had a hard time finding work-appropriate pieces that kept my full bust under wraps (and still looked good).

In addition to being sized out of what limited options there are for those of us blessed in chest (their "super-curvy" didn't fit me), I also couldn't find quality fabrics for my formal work environment.  Weekend wear, yes.  For the fundraising roadshow, no.

I wanted the power outfit -  the one know you look awesome in. Polished. Confident. Competent. The one you reach for to feel unstoppable.  

I settled for at least a shirt that would stay closed or wasn't two sizes too big just to fit my bust.  Just get something made* you say? Well, I tried it all: 

  • safety pins, double-sided fashion tape, and/or extra snaps/buttons at the bust for reinforcement,
  • extra darts for shape (on the too-big blouses),
  • shopped at several clothing stores designed for big boobs,
  • even had custom shirts and suiting made by excellent tailors

... but nothing really hit the mark.  I paid a lot of money for clothes that never looked or felt right. 

After hearing me wish for clothes that fit (again) my friends and family said I should make it happen - and Front Room was born.  It took a lot of time to prototype our base fit (too pointy!  too baggy!) with seven different pattern makers (over one province and three states), and lots of industry pros who said it couldn't be done.  

Every detail was chosen with care to give you the best fit and figure flattery.  We hope these are the pieces you'll reach for again and again to feel polished and powerful.

Warm regards,
Melanie Love, CFA
Founder & CEO

(*True story: the best suiting tailor in my city refunded my $3,000 deposit after the 4th fitting and told me never to darken his door again.  In his accented Italian accent he told me "What you're asking me to do can't be done!  Two-dimensional fabric can't do three-dimensional things!"  When I protested that it could be done, he told me to bring him something to copy.  That was a familiar refrain amongst tailors and pattern makers near and far.)