Collections – Front Room


Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!  Or maybe just a Fairy Godmother for the full-busted professional woman.  These tops have more front room to fit the girls, yes even yours. 

No pulling, no gaping, no bra straps peeking out and no cleavage exposure.  For real.

Full-busted friend, meet the ABCD. The Anti-Boob Cramming Dress.

These dresses have more front room for your ample assets.  Zippers do all the way up (no breath holding required), side seams stay where they're supposed to.  Necklines are deep enough for your extra real estate up top, without exposure.

They'll take you from desk to dinner in comfort, style and confidence.

Icy cool baby blue and aqua feel so fresh after all of the saturated holiday colours.

We heard you loud and clear.  You've got events to go to and you want to look good.  More specifically, you want to look classy and ah-mazing.

There's a time to show off the girls, but maybe the fundraiser or the partner's Christmas party isn't it.  If so, we've got you covered girlfriend.  Covered in fabulousness.